We design programs and projects, develop people and organizations, and deliver outstanding quality results. We serve our clients well.

We offer three services: Coaching / Consulting / Communications

►Coaching Services:
Leadership Development
Team Building

►Consulting Services:
MGMT: Project Management, Operations, and Development
HR: Learning & Development (training/curriculum), Instructional Design, and Employee Engagement

***ATTENTION HR Leaders, Decision Makers, and CEOs***
In today’s economy, the wellbeing of your employees is at a critical crossroads. Let our team help you with that. Contact us today – Email us and put “Wellness Program” in the subject line and we’ll respond with how we can position your team for maximum wellness on the job and n their lives!

►Communication Opportunities:
Corporate Communications – Newsletters, Blogs
Networking Opportunities
See our Communications tab for more

Contact us for more information on our seminars, and workshops.

Some acknowledgements:
• Experience driving the deployment of large scale training and development programs including assessing and evaluating human performance as it relates to training, learning, and educational initiatives; designing, implementing, and monitoring comprehensive custom training programs; performing instructor train-the-trainer development; facilitating training; created tools to measure return on investment, transfer and retention of learning in various organizations.

• Demonstrated strong ethics, influence and negotiation, interpersonal skills, communication, and the ability to effectively manage stress and engage in continuous learning along with advanced knowledge of leadership development theory, management best practices, adult learning theory, and the management coaching process.

• Considered as the ‘trainers-trainer’ a few clients include: fortune 1000 organizations, new start-ups, and international clients [Canada, United Kingdom, UAE, Sweden]

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